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Solutions to save on energy costs 

Complete solution

for energy savings 


Maniola integrates the ZEnergy software with its "smar" solution

Maniola provides its customers with a complete service, installing specific hardware components and the software that allows monitoring and analysis activities, so as to be able to carry out a complete and timely energy diagnosis. The proposed solution for energy efficiency, allows organizations to save costs by monitoring energy consumption and the rational use of resources connected to the use of assets.


The Hardware provided by Maniola allows to monitor the single machine, to evaluate the electrical parameters, to evaluate the consumption of the production line.

Maniola also installs systems to monitor air quality, internal and external temperature, brightness, etc.

The hardware provided by Maniola is tested in the company and installed by our qualified installers.

The warranty is 2 years, while with the service

"No probleM"

with an annual fee payable monthly, it will be possible to get the Hardware replacement in case of failure, and all the support needed to define and improve the performance of your energy monitoring system.

New ways of thinking about intelligent infrastructure

We work with our customers and partners to create an ecosystem that responds intuitively to people's needs and helps customers achieve their business goals in the most sustainable way. In the Finance section it is possible to request specific advice on how to purchase the ZEnergy systems and the operating leasing methods activated by MANIOLA.

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