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SW- Bridgeomote

Monitoring systems for environmental parameters

Support for weather stations in Agriculture 4.0

METEO MOTE is a software and hardware system by MANIOLA Smart Sensing, able to monitor climatic variations that can lead to a decrease in production.

METEO MOTE is able to monitor temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation and dew point (frost).

 METEO MOTE allows to obtain the optimal conditions for cultivation by analyzing the parameters detected.

 Through any device connected to the internet, it will be possible to carry out analyzes and reports on the entire plot of land.



The GATEWAY is the network access port and has the task of collecting and processing data in the cloud, this allows the visualization of the system status in real time from any device (computer, smart phone, tablet).

It is applicable to all Maniola Hardware systems suitable for environmental monitoring for:

  •      measure the water level of the rivers

  •      the weather measurement of the general parameters (wind, sun, humidity, pressure etc ...)

  •      measure the data of landfills Dlg 36/2003 and succ. mod.

  •      first rain collection for industrial yards

  •      stations for photovoltaic systems, home or building automation and rain

  •      rain alarm station with visual alarm

  •      wind alarm station (for roads, bridges, cranes, in general for construction)

  •      anemometric station (for wind power plants and wind data in general)

The Meteomote SW software

​THE SOFTWARE is resident in the Cloud, allows you to access your private air with a dedicated password depending on the credentials assigned.
It will be possible to log in as:




It will be possible to monitor through the system, obtain information on meteorological parameters, monitor precipitation and calculate the dew point (frost).

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immagine gridge01j.png


  •      monitor climate changes

  •      get information for crops

  •      optimize production

  •      precipitation monitoring

  •      get dew point information (frost).

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