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The solution that seems easier

is the most difficult  


Maniola Smart Sensing develops technical and technological solutions that can be applied to any human activity involving control, environmental parameters and monitoring systems in the sectors:

  • precision agriculture     

  • industrial controls     

  • home automation     

  • water     

  • climate     

  • smart cities     

  • energy monitoring     

  • maintenance

The solutions proposed by Maniola are designed and manufactured to be used simply and in response to the customer's basic needs.


The solutions for street lighting, for agriculture, for monitoring the environment, have been designed to be used in different types of use.

New ways of thinking about intelligent infrastructure

We work with our customers and partners to create an ecosystem that responds intuitively to people's needs and helps customers achieve their business goals in the most sustainable way. More information on the projects developed by Maniola, as well as the latest news, trends and use cases in the sectors of agriculture, street lighting, energy and the monitoring and maintenance of company assets ...

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