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Solutions to optimize the technical management's effectiveness and efficiency

Total control of technical maintenance activities


Maniola studies integrated solutions for the maintenance of your business assets

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Maintenance of company plants and production assets is a cost in terms of time, money and productivity. Appropriate and economic control of a company's capital goods (machines, plants, buildings) requires a safe and reliable asset management system.

Maniola studies the software and hardware solutions best suited to the customer's needs to manage and plan all maintenance and asset management activities.

Zucchetti's Z-Maintenance software, easy and intuitive, optimizes the technical management of company assets, with better results on workplace performance and safety. Characterizing itself as a complete maintenance information system, Z-Maintenance allows you to identify anomalies and solve problems, diagnose the causes of an event, predict behaviors, monitor and control performance, automate a decision-making process.

The native integration of Z-Maintenance with the Z-Energy energy consumption monitoring software allows you to access, within the same interface, all the analysis and consumption monitoring functions (energy, gas, water, etc. ) of the managed asset and its components, to analyze consumption trends and to check the environmental parameters.


With Maniola solutions, data stored in the cloud becomes information for better strategic and operational programming.

The warranty is 2 years while with the service

"No probleM"

with an annual fee payable monthly, it will be possible to obtain all the support necessary to define and improve the performance of your monitoring system.

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