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Use the systems at maximum efficiency

''No ProbleM...Zucchetti'' 

Extend the product warranty and secure all software updates.

The "NO probleM" service in Maniola for the Energy Management solution has been designed to allow customers who purchase the ZEnergy Hardware and Software solution to extend the reliability of the system.

"No ProbleM" Program

The program is divided into three additional services.


First: Warranty Extension from 2 to 5 years

The same warranty conditions for Hardware products extended for a further 3 years, reliability problems, hardware operation problems, breakages not dependent on malfunction, are fully guaranteed.


second: Extension and upgrade of software and cloud portal

Included in the fee, Maniola guarantees you the maintenance of updates for 5 years, further updates will be released according to the revisions prepared by Zucchetti, to which will be adapted the appropriate customizations for the end customer.


third: Extension for assistance "On site"

included in the fee are the costs for the call, while the hours of work and the time required, for on-site repair, will be accounted for separately obtained with a 40% discount on the price list.


Ask how to receive '' No ProbleM '' assistance on the ZEnergy solution.

* The examples shown are for example only, do not constitute a commitment on the part of the company Maniola Smart sensing s.r.l., all contractual conditions between the parties are valid.

Clear prices long friendship

The "No ProbleM" solution can be activated at the time of the contract and provides for a monthly payment that supplements the monthly fee for managing the Cloud for data storage.

In the Finance section it is possible to request specific advice on how to purchase ZEnergy systems with the operating leasing method activated by MANIOLA.

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