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Enter in the world of Maniola....

Rent to Buy 

try the solutions in Maniola kit ... if you are satisfied you will buy the kit, otherwise you will pay only the rent of the period of use.

Rent to Buy solution 

The Maniola solutions configured in the Kits can be tested with the Rent to By option, for a minimum value of at least 1500 euros of Rent. To be able to take advantage of the option, it will be possible to meet one of our officials who will make the most suitable proposal for you.

The contract includes:

- the test of the devices for a period of not less than 6 months.

- payment of a fixed fee that entitles the kit to installation and on-line technical assistance for the period.

- in the event of system malfunctions, the company reserves the right to replace the device at any time.

- the customer will activate an insurance for any damage to the devices and any theft.



System to try: kit for an amount of 4500 * euros plus VAT.

will be paid as Rent.1500 * euros plus VAT for the period of 6 months.

- at the end of the test, if the customer wants to return the system, a company official will collect the whole.

- if the customer wishes to continue to keep the system, € 1,000 will be set aside as an advance payment and the remaining € 3,500 plus VAT will be integrated by the customer.

The solutions can be paid in installments:

3500 * in 12 months with installments of 320 * euros plus VAT

*The examples given are only by way of example do not constitute a commitment by the company Maniola Smart Sensing s.r.l.

New ways of thinking about monitoring, using the Maniola infrastructure

'Fund your project' '... use the Maniola systems, verify the utility and participate with our company in R&D (Research and Development) projects.

If you are interested in using the Maniola systems, you can buy a kit, with the formula, "Free" for 5 months without interest, or with the "slow monitoring" formula for 10 and 15 months with a small fee, in this way, using the systems and verifying the purchase, the financing solutions can be viewed on the dedicated page...

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