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Lightmote SW

Live in safety with smart lamps.

Software for intelligent management  

Management system for street lighting

The LIGHT MOTE software from MANIOLA Smart Sensing is able to transform a street lamp into an integrated system for detecting environmental parameters.

LIGHT MOTE is the integrated system for managing street lighting systems, consisting of a configurable transceiver card to define, read, control and modulate the parameters of the light point.

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Once an energy profile has been set for each street lamp (or for groups) when passing cars or people, the system detects the passage near the light point, increasing the brightness up to 100% for the preset time.

In some cases where people or vehicles had stopped in the area of competence, we note that the energy profile takes on a saw-tooth configuration, denoting the persistence of the situation of maximum consumption.


LIGHT MOTE can transform a light in your city into a control system that can monitor the environment and achieve energy-saving goals that have never been hoped for until now.


In this way, through any device connected to the Internet, it will be possible to carry out analyzes and energy reports on the road or on an entire remote-controlled neighborhood.

THE SOFTWARE is resident in the Cloud, allows you to access your private air with a dedicated password depending on the credentials assigned.

It will be possible to log in as:




On the back end of the portal, it will be possible to identify ‘’ profiles ’of the time bands in which to select the expected savings, and simulate savings statistics compared with other lighting systems (discharge, steam etc.).

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  •      modulate the brightness of the single light point

  •      check the operation of the lamps

  •      achieve energy savings of up to 75%, per zone or per point

  •      apply accessories to check:

       - air pollution
       - sound pollution
       - thermo hygrometric parameters

  •      ensure the level of illumination according to vehicle traffic

  • the operation of the traffic lights     check

     modulate the timing of traffic light systems
     manage preventive maintenance saving up to 70%

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