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Carbonmote SW

Measure the CO2 present in the soil

Talent is an ever new source of water -

Agriculture 4.0

CARBON MOTE is a software and hardware system of MANIOLA Smart Sensing, able to detect the content of carbon dioxide released from the ground.

CARBON MOTE is able to control several CO2 detection chambers simultaneously, it consists of configurable transceiver boards to define, read, control and modulate the environmental parameters.

 CARBON MOTE allows to obtain the temporal and spatial distribution of carbon dioxide emissions. There are no limits to installable rooms.

Screenshot-2018-4-9 Camera - v0 1 Camera

CARBON MOTE uses the WSN system, Wireless Sensor Network, which is a wireless network, equipped with distributed sensors capable of detecting physical phenomena or monitoring environmental conditions.

The network consists of a set of sensor nodes installed in the field, which communicate with a gateway, to which they transmit the data.

The GATEWAY is the network access port and has the task of collecting and processing data in the cloud, this allows the visualization of the system status in real time from any device (computer, smart phone, tablet).

The SOFTWARE is resident in the Cloud, it allows access to your private air with a dedicated password depending on the credentials assigned.

It will be possible to log in as:




(for administrations and private customers)

It will be possible to monitor the health of the land through the system and monitor environmental parameters.

Screenshot-2018-4-9 Camera - v0 1 Camera
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  •       measure the net CO2 exchange between soil and atmosphere

  •      obtain information on the state of health of the land

  •      calculate the environmental impact of human activities on the territory

  •      monitor in real time the data relating to each room.

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...and much more

Download "CarbonMote" App
"CarbonMote" demo software
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