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Quality Policy

Quality means doing things well, when nobody is watching you. .

Exceed customer expectations by continuing to improve 

Direction declaration 

The Management of Maniola Smart Sensing s.r.l., in view of the growing market demand for consolidated quality standards, is convinced of the internal improvements achievable with the development of a culture of quality. For this reason, it has decided to implement a Quality System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard with the specific purpose of obtaining certification from an accredited body, expanding the scope of the certification by integrating the project part, works management and coordination for security, the part of building installations.

The purpose of the Management is to make the Quality System more and more in line with company practices, and in consideration of the growing demand from the market, to offer ever higher quality standards.

Common thought line of the Maniola Smart Sensing s.r.l. it is the intention to face and solve the problems arising from the activities, pursuing this aim by adopting adequate operational means, creating a suitable work environment and above all making all the personnel working in the technical study and on the construction sites accountable in a coordinated manner.

In any case, the company's operational objective remains to guarantee compliance with the contractual requirements and in particular the delivery of a "service / product" that meets the needs of the client and the user. This objective must be achieved by maintaining, if possible, competitiveness in terms of quality of its services / products with respect to the market and economic profit.

Through the partial updating of the organizational system of the Quality System, the Management will promote all the necessary actions so that there is a greater and more profitable control of processes and activities.

The Quality System is described in the Quality Manual and in the Procedures; these documents define the ways in which every aspect of the work must be carried out, as required by the regulations, clarifying what the connections and the plans introduced are for the company to be able to supply products that comply with the laws and requests of the Client, operating in accordance with the code of ethics approved by the management.

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