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Precision agriculture

Improve product quality and save resources.

Precision agriculture and environmental monitoring

with the "smart" solution from Maniola

Precision agriculture is a form of agriculture that tends to optimize the quality and yield of a crop, using only the resources necessary for the analysis of environmental parameters. A field monitoring system using local sensors, reporting everything on satellite images, allows a better identification of the fertigation management mechanism. Knowledge of the data will allow us to take the appropriate actions at the right time at the right time.


The use of intelligent solutions, such as the Hydra Mote system developed by Maniola Smart Sensing for precision farming, offers several advantages:     


  • Economic advantages, since each resource is used in the necessary quantities and only where it is actually needed     

  • Productive advantages, since knowing the soil better and treating it properly, the harvest is improved     

  • Environmental advantages, since it is possible to save important resources such as water and moderate the use of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers

New ways of thinking about intelligent infrastructure

We work with our customers and partners to create an ecosystem that responds intuitively to people's needs and helps customers achieve their business goals in the most sustainable way. In the Finance section it is possible to request specific consultancy regarding the methods of purchasing precision farming systems and the operating leasing methods activated by MANIOLA.

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