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Live in safety with smart lamps.

Energy savings and road safety

with the '' smart '' solutions from Maniola

The Light Mote solution identifies all the lamps and software, created by Maniola Smart Sensing, for the world of lighting.

The system allows point-to-point monitoring of lamps for street and indoor lighting.

The Light Mote system optimizes energy consumption, maintenance operations and lamp replacement, thanks to the dedicated software supplied.

It will be possible to adjust the light intensity through an operator dashboard, defining the amount of light that the individual lamp must deliver.

When passing cars, people or animals, the system automatically increases the brightness to 100%, thus making the feeling of maximum illumination and safety in every situation


  • operating status recording of each street lamp     

  • monitoring and consumption savings     

  • realization of intelligent lighting system with street lamps capable of adjusting the brightness according to need

New ways of thinking about intelligent infrastructure

We work with our customers and partners to create an ecosystem that responds intuitively to people's needs and helps customers achieve their business goals in the most sustainable way. In the Finance section it is possible to request specific advice regarding the methods of purchasing lighting systems and operating leasing methods activated by MANIOLA.

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