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cod. MACK-1




This kit is able to measure the subsoil, the atmospheric parameters and transmit the data to the control unit of the MGW - B series, measure the temperature and the carbon dioxide for subsoil and temperature, pressure and air humidity with node MN - 8A.
 If you buy the MACK -1 kit included in the cost you will have:

• The configuration ready to install the control unit and the node.
CarbonMote monitoring software
  complete, which will allow you to view all the data that the system allows you to read.
N. 1 MGW - B
  Gateway BASE (Local connection) with POE on Ethernet.
N. 1 MNA -8A
   Device, powered by battery and solar panel, to control 8 relay outputs and 8 control inputs,
   transmits data to the control unit of the MGW - A and MGW - B series. It allows the control of peripheral devices
   like pumps, lamps, gates, systems with motors, in the letch control Max 30 W for 20 min.
N. 1 MPW-12-80
   External power supply, with battery and 25 Wp solar panel, node control without power supply. Allows
   powering peripheral devices such as pumps, lamps, gates, systems with motors. MAX 30 W - 12 V MN-
N. 1 MN-CO2
   CO2 ANALYZER MODULE The module is equipped with an additional sampling pump, air filters and
   zero calibration. The analyzer can be used both indoors and outdoors with a degree of protection
   IP67. The module can be connected to any Maniola controller.
   Sunscreen with hygrometer, thermometer, barometer
N. 1 MSNCT00 - GR0
   Soil temperature
N. 1 MPFV-18-25
   Solar panel 25 Wp - 18V
N. 1 MSTFCVP - 000
   Support for solar panel AISI max 50 Wp
N. 1 MPANPJC - 000
   Solar panel 3.5 Wp - 7V - 560 mA
N. 1 MSTFCLP - 000
   Support for solar panel AISI max 3.5 Wp

The Cloud software will be free for the first year, after which it will be paid. Ask for information on prices and renewal methods by sending an email to:

ATTENTION: if you are a research institute, if you are an Agriculture student of any faculty, if you are a student of secondary agriculture, go to the EDUCATIONAL section for the dedicated offer.

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